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Hi I'm Ava. Stelena, Bamon, and Klaroline are my OTPS. Anti Delena, Damon. Stefan Salvatore is the only reason I watch TVD. →


That Nina and Paul selfie has over 300,000 likes; the most likes of any picture she’s posted this year (and heck, I didn’t go back all the way but it was looking like it was going to beat out most likes in 2013 too). The picture has over 8000 comments, littered with praise and love for either…

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me watching the vampire diaries
me:why am i doing this again
*looks at stefan*
me:oh yeah
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when ur telling someone something and then someone talks over u

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Paul Wesley Comic-Con Fan Q&A (x)

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"The musical soundtrack I would pick, if I were for example emotional..or something and crying hysterically to Elena, that she needs to take me back and that I’m desperately in love with her. I would probably be listening to something like Bon Iver or Sigur Rós."

- Paul Wesley (Rolling Stone Magazine Photoshoot”

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Joining a new fandom like am I allowed to reblog this yet or am I not deep enough

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basically my life in four pictures


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